Personal Info - Alerting a Moderator

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[shaw]andrew wrote:


Do remember that the Community is a public forum that anyone has access to and can view the content of your posts.




Community Moderator

This happens often enough I think you folks should add some form of reminder for people. Make it clear when signing up that this is the case. (My crappy memory seems to think it was stated, but yeah, crappy memory.). Then maybe when posting a reminder could pop up. Maybe just for the first 5 posts or something. I just see it soooo much. I want t remove it myself as soon as I see it but obviously can't.


Should I maybe "report abuse" them, though it's not really abuse? (I hate the thought of my own info being public, I'm sure many others are the same and would like it removed quickly.) Would that get a response right away/quickly so a mod can remove it?