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Email Issue on Mobile - using Wi Fi

Question asked by raquel_z on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by kevinds

I am using an older LG KC910 phone with wi fi.  For the last more than 2 years I have been able to get my Shawmail on the phone using the phone's email program with no problem - both from here in Winnipeg and also when travelling out of Canada.

Then suddenly since about 2 days ago, every time I try to retrieve my mail, It starts the process - says "authenticating" and then the phone basically crashes and resets itself. 

I have not changed any settings.

I can still send mail from the phone.


I can use the mail program to bring in my gmail and the phone does not crash at all so I don't think it is the phone.  it just seems to have stopped "liking" Shaw.

I have the incoming mail server set right now at  Incoming server port 110


Thanks in advance for any help.