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Who else has had enough? It's time to rebel against this Shaw is dishing out.

Question asked by joedompierre on Jan 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2013 by [shaw]ali

Did you spend $350 for the new PVR in hopes that it would solve previous unresolved issues?

Has Shaw refused to fix your problem simply by letting you complain until you give up?

Does your new PVR not live up to the promised "improvements"?

- Do you lose your place in your current problem by looking at the guide?

- Can you look at the guide while you're watching a regular recorded TV program?

- Does the recording you're watching suddenly end, go to normal TV, then force you to restart your recording and find your place?

- Does the PVR require you to input a PIN for some programs [like Big Bang Theory] even though you have no restrictions on your programming?

- Does the PVR force you to delete each recording on the huge 500GB drive one-by-one because there isn't a system to delete multiple programs?

- Does SHAW make you go through every detail of your issues, and ask you to repeat the basic fault-finding procedure (short the coax, unplug 1minute,etc) because they don't take notes?

- Did anyone ever talk to a Shaw tech that knew how to use EXO online?


This is absolutely ridiculous.  If we're going to be beta testers we shouldn't be paying full price. What is a company like shaw doing releasing this equipment before it's ready?


Something is different at SHAW these days.  They used to be so excellent but it seems that in a very short period of time they've become Telus.


This sucks.