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Adding a NAS. How to...request for advice.

Question asked by peterm_ on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2015 by corbin

Hi there,


I'm doing an upgrade to my existing setup (which works well) and I'm hoping to get some confirmation (or explanation) as to what I need to do to still have it work. I tried searching but obviously, I don't know the correct keywords to use.


My existing setup:

CISCO 3825

4 Ethernet connections:

- 1 PC

- 1 PC

- 1 HTP Laser Printer

- 1 cable connecting to (Dlink) Powerline AV+Mini Adapter


I use the wireless capability on the Cisco to connect by default. In two places upstairs I've installed secondary Powerline Adapters where I can directly plug in notebooks or Ethernet-capable DVD players, along with 1 Powerline Wireless N Mini Extender (where the Cisco wireless signal isn't strong enough).



New setup (all the above PLUS):


(LinkStation Network-attached Storage server connected via Ethernet for backup and file access across the network.)


1 5-Port Gigabit Switch

(Since my CISCO ports were filled I was told at MemoryExpress that I needed a switch which I could daisy chain onto the CISCO and add 4 ports on the Switch while retaining 3 on the CISCO).


Okay. Before I start I thought I should ask here.....


1. Can what I have now work? If I'm going in the wrong (less efficient) direction, what are other setup options (is there a Shaw-supported router/modem with more ethernet ports)?



2. Do I need to have the CISCO bridged to include the 5-port switch? If so, who do I contact and how (I believe Shaw tech have to do that)?



3. Does bridging eliminate existing wireless capability from the CISCO? I read somewhere that this was the case. I would prefer not to just rely on the Powerline wireless throughout the house.



4. If the Switch is part of the solution, will all the connections be able to access the networked printer (on a fixed IP)? Basically, does installing the switch put everything on the same "level"?



5. Currently, I'm allowing connections to the network/internet through the CISCO via MAC Addresses.



I'm hoping this can be my weekend project. Your advice would be appreciated.