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Motorola DVR

Question asked by on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by shaw-don

Does anyone else out there have as deep a hatred as me for the Motorola DVR as I do. I was perfectly happy with the one I had before ( can't remember the make) then Shaw called me yo say they had a better, newer box. From day one I have been unhappy. I have complained but apparently this is now the only DVR they carry. At present it will not respond to my remote. If I press a command it takes about 30 seconds to respond. I know, disconnect and reconnect to reset it, however I'm also recording a program so if I disconnect I'll at least have a gap for the several minutes it takes.

On playback you can't check the menue to see what else is on, or quck view to another another program like I can with the other DVR.

When I complained to a representative he agreed that this box sucks bigrime but Shaw decided that this is the one. Can this be true. Did some technical genius really come to that conclusion. I've been with Shaw as long as they've been around. I'm checking out Telus.Enyone else?

John D.