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Gateway System

Question asked by daniela on Jan 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2013 by biglar

Okay, ordered and had installed the Gateway System on Saturday. I'm a little disappointed:


1. System crashed after first update. Had to unplug both boxes for a minute to get system up and running again.

2. Dark blue LED indicator on black background on one box very difficult to see except when close.

3. While in Guide mode, can only scroll through channels one channel at a time. Cannot page through as was possible with older box/remote. This is a major annoyance. Had I known this, I might have reconsidered this.

4. Guide and other on-screen features truncated on sides unless I have TV (Panasonic Viera LCD) in "Full" format. Any other format, and I have to use TV remote to switch format so I can use Guide.

5. I only two different guide types when I click on the Menu button. One type when I click once, and another when I click a second time (this one similar to when I click on the Guide button). No other menu commands like setup?