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Gateway's PVR Expander hard drive may have died

Question asked by barndog on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2018 by kevinds

I've been using a Seagate 3TB drive in an eSATA enclosure since I bought my Gateway a little more than 2 years ago. It's been working great up until the last couple of weeks. We noticed a recorded show or two that was skipping a few times while we watched it. Then last night a ton of shows were missing, so I gathered the hard drive died. I had unplugged the Gateway and hard drive a couple times last night, but no luck. All I get is a notice saying a new hard drive was detected and needed to be formatted.


I'm going to try the Gateway reset that I saw in the forum, but I'm not sure that'll work. I may be stuck either reformatting the old drive, or buying a new drive. If this drive doesn't get picked up by the Gateway after the reset, I'll buy new just to be safe.


My question(s) is of those of you using your own (not a Shaw Extender) eSata hard drive enclosure, how many have had the same thing happen? Second, what type (manufacturer / model ie WD Green, Seagate Barracuda) of hard drive are you using? Is the Shaw PVR Extender a Western Digital Green drive?


Any other tips or tricks that might help?


I appreciate any help.