Feedback: great 1st line reps, worst loyalty and retentions dept ever

Discussion created by malex on Mar 24, 2015
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I am posting this in the hopes that Shaw can learn from my recent experience that their 2nd line customer service group (they call themselves something like "loyalty and retentions" I believe) is not helping their company as it is currently set up .


Shaw cable TV has been reliable and painless for us for years, but hit a snag when they terminated analog in our area this month and forced us to look at digital plans/equipment to continue to watch Shaw cable TV.


I had a few conversations with the 1st line service reps on the phone over a time span of a month and they were great people (although some info was contradictory, they were very helpful, and knowledgeable, and did their best) in directing me to areas to research their PVR features etc, and they suggested some things that Shaw could likely do to help to ease the pain in the transition from analog to digital.


My problem arose when we came to order the switch and we were passed to a 2nd line rep ("loyalty and retentions" he said) to get something to smooth the transition.  This rep was useless, condescending, and had nothing useful to offer.  All he did was try to sell me more services, and said that Shaw can no longer match plans or give help incentives (a contradiction of the 1st line reps) because it has cost Shaw too much in the past as everyone was taking advantage of them.  I have had dealt with better used car salesmen.


So after 40 years of having cable TV in the same house, we were finally forced to switch to Telus Optik TV, as the savings Telus offered will total over $1000 over 3 years compared to Shaw, and if Shaw had of only offered a pittance of this amount in any form of discount or equipment they would have kept us as a customer.


So please Shaw, take this honest feedback as an opportunity, because if you want to retain future customers you need to allow your "loyalty and retentions" department to do more than just act like salesmen for additional services, especially when a customer is being forced to buy all new equipment because you are forcing them to switch from analog to digital, because it is then we have the least inertia to switch providers being as I have to buy all new equipment no matter who I choose.