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3510 - Playback of Recording stops part way through

Question asked by budsgirl on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by [shaw]ali

Have already complained about this problem in another thread a few weeks ago but can't find that thread now.


The problem is this:  While watching a recording (mostly live sporting events but now also regular shows), the playback will suddenly stop early in the recording and the "do you want to keep the program or delete it" menu comes up on the screen.  Can't go any further in the recording though it shows that it recorded the complete program.  This can happen 20 minutes into the show or 75% the way through.  As I said in the earlier thread, it first started happening during the playback of live English Premier Football games.  Other people complained of it happening in hockey games.  It stopped for a couple of weeks then happened again this past week with a Champions League game from last Tuesday March 17 and it happened today on a recording on Slice at 11 pm last night (Tuesday).  I have chosen to "keep it" then go out and back into the recording but it won't let me go any further and the Delete menu pops up again.  I have unplugged the pvr and plugged it back in but still no further playback. 


Just want to make it clear that this isn't a case of the recording ending a minute or two before the end of the show and the credits and previews being cut off.  The playback ends often before the show is halfway over but the pvr indicates that the whole show was recorded.


In the earlier thread, the moderator had indicated that the techs would try to replicate this issue but I have never heard anything more about it.


This is really frustrating as I have had to keep my 3400 recording everything as a back up to my very unreliable 3510.