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Problem configuring scan to email - HP LaserJet Color Flow M575 MFP

Question asked by dave2u on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2015 by [shaw]jeff

We have not yet been able to successfully configure scan to email on this MFP device.

We have created a Shaw POP3 email account for the device and have been attempting to set up scan to email using the following configuration settings:

SMTP Server Name:

Port No: 587

SMTP SSL Protocol: Enabled (No option to choose TLS available)

Server Requires Authentication - Always use these credentials:

Username: MFPusername

Password: MFPpassword

Use this server for: Email - Send scanned documents and job status notifications.

When we attempt to send a test email from the device (using the device web interface), we get the following message:

"The operation failed.  Please verify your configuration and try again."

We have attempted variants on the above settings including using Port 25, disabling SSL, authentication, etc.  We are able to send and receive test email messages on this account via Shaw webmail.

Scratching heads here.  Any ideas?