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beIN sports .. 16months, 9 channel request forms??*** and now u falsly advertise what we get from wwe network????

Question asked by r.bywater on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by shaw-brayden

Hey guys,


what is going on with you and beIN sports??? 16months I've waited, Paying for an online subsriction most of the duration @20$/month .... 9 channel request forms I have sent?? only cable provider in canada that does not offer! *** here is the link if you would like to see for yourself***( - Rogers, Telus, Bell, Eastlink, even MTS and Videotron.!?

- Every time I post a forum or seen a post we get the same b.s answer of  "complete a channel request .." and you never give even a hint if Shaw ever plans to entertain adding this channel in the future??

- I pay for NFL Sunday Ticket ($200+), Sportsnet World ($20), HBO Canada/ MC ($20), ur "Best of HD cable package ($70) , broadband 60 (90$) as well now as the WWE network ($12 ) which has been FALSLY ADVERTISED ( when I order I was told I would have acess to wweVOD annnnd I DONT. I understand you'll probably add it eventually but as of now i pay full price for a subscription and get HALF the product!!!

***** I am sorry to say shaw been a customer of yours for many of years, but, this is it! as of May I am moving and will be switching to Telus for my cable, internet and subscriptions.

I have waited FAAAAAAAAR to long and been way to patient. I pay ALOT and to be ripped of and lied too in regards to the wwe network was just to much.

I am EXTREAMLY displeased with SHAW and will make it well know throughout my work and social circles.