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Yet another recording cut off

Question asked by mistiblu on Mar 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by handries

I cant find the previous thread but yet another recording cut off early. Inspector Lyndley mysteries, Friday mar 27 at 9pm on Knowledge channel.  It cut off way before the end and I didnt even get to see who the murderer was.

I'm REALLY getting fed up with this thing. I also record the show Forever every week on channel 72 and i've had to extend the recording time by 5 minutes permanently as it cuts off every week.  I did a test recording on my old 6416 in the bedroom and it always records just fine!

I'd really like to dump this thing off a bridge and I would if I wasnt going to be out $400!  If this goes on much longer, I will definitely be checking out Telus' tv service!