Wierd Mystery Solved! Split Level Dwellers Beware!

Discussion created by rglennwalker on Apr 1, 2015
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I just got off a call with Shaw about strange movies that appeared on my bill. I had movies that neither my wife nor I remembered ordering. When I called and questioned the charges, I got a rather terse response from the attendant and her supervisor that there was not much they could do since their records showed that the movies had been purchased and watched in full.


I asked questions and discovered that the movies were ordered on a terminal which is non-HD and happens to be the one sitting at our kitchen table. I was even more sure that there was a mistake because no one in my family would sit at the kitchen table and watch a movie when the big screen TV and PVR were a few feet away. I understand the skepticism of the people on the other end of the phone. I am sure they get a thousand calls a day to reverse movie charges. Doesn't help when I am the one getting charged for movies that I am certain no one watched.


The supervisor grudgingly agreed to reverse the charges and admonished me to safeguard the terminal with a PIN number so that it could not happen again. Fair enough. I did that and then thought that I would do the same to all the TV's. The process of doing this brought to light the root cause of the problem.


While coding the TV in the main living room, my wife noted that the offending TV in the kitchen (we live in a split level) started to react to what I was doing. It would seem the mystery has been solved. The way the non-hd box was placed, it was picking up random key presses from the remote in the main living room.


So, it would appear that when we were selecting shows on the big TV, we were unaware that the non-HD in the upstairs kitchen was picking up the remote keystrokes. So, on at least three occasions last month, and once in December 2014, the  non-HD box in our kitchen was processing random key strokes which resulted in on demand movies being ordered without our knowledge. Mystery solved! No it was not my 4 year old secretly watching pay per view without my knowledge. Or, my closet love of Alvin and the Chipmonks or Tinkerbell.


The kicker is that the placement of the non-HD box was done by the installer from Shaw. Calamity of errors which resulted in me getting billed for some movies that I never watched. The nut of it is that if you have two units placed so closely together, take care to ensure they don't get exposed to cross talk from remotes.


I pinned all the boxes to be safe. I put a different PIN on the non-HD box because it dawned on me that if I used the same one everywhere, it could still happen. Repositioning the non-HD box so it can't pick up the signal from the downstairs remote will also prevent reoccurrence.


Hopefully this helps someone else. Sometimes the answer is not the obvious. Hopefully, the people hearing the complaints will take that into account in future.