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New Policy For Super Channel and Movie Central ????

Question asked by bostonbob on Apr 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2015 by gamerguy

Has Shaw started a new policy as far as subscribing to either Super Channel or Movie Central ????  I just got off the phone with someone at Tech Support ( Customer Service had just closed for the night ) and told him that I wanted stop my subscription to Super Channel. He told me that it was no problem but wanted to make sure that I was aware that as soon as I was no longer subscribing to Super Channel that I would not be able to access any of the Super Channel content already recorded on my Gateway. I told him that he must be thinking of the Super Channel VOD content and that I would most certainly be able to access anything I had already recorded. He put me on hold and double checked with his supervisor and then told me that he was right in the first place. He told me that although the Super Channel titles would still be there on my list of recordings that I would definitely not be able to access them once I no longer subscribed to Super Channel. I asked him if this was a new Shaw policy or just something for Gateway users since I recently watched a movie from Movie Central that was recorded on my old 3416 PVR almost 2 years ago. He told me he wasn't sure if this was a new policy or not but that he had previously dealt with a few Shaw customers that were quite upset when they could no longer access their Super Channel / Movie Central content after cancelling that service. I ended up cancelling Super Channel anyway and an hour later all the titles are still there and I can still access the content. Was the guy I talked to just flat out wrong or will I eventually not be able to access all the Super Channel content now on my Gateway ????