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Double NAT vs IP Pass Through Mode

Question asked by djcanadianjeff on Apr 4, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by kevinds

so putting the shaw gateway into "BRIDGED MODE" is not an option for me because the rest of our house needs the shaw wifi to work


I have a 2nd router hooked up hardwired into the shaw gateway for that awesome <1ms latency


my 2nd router was getting a private wan address of so in the shaw gateway I put my 2nd routers ip in DMZ for port forwarding

with this setup I noticed alot of my tcp connections getting dropped quickly so I opted for a new solution


I phoned up shaw and asked for a 2nd public facing ip address and they said "ok" restarted the shaw gateway and I said thank you


I logged back into the shaw gateway as the "cusadmin" user and saw the setting for IP PASS THROUGH mode and my jaws dropped thats cool so I put my 2nd routers WAN mac address into this mode rebooted both devices and my jaws dropped again when my 2nd router got a public facing IP of so I was like COOL no more DMZ and double nat to deal with.....


all is fine and dandy except now I still have some of my idle tcp connections dropping


doing a traceroute from my machine to say I get hop 2 and 3 timeout


1  0.308 ms  0.356 ms  0.533 ms

2  * * *

3  * * *

4  12.801 ms  12.082 ms  12.824 ms

5  16.647 ms  16.593 ms  19.708 ms

6  18.674 ms  23.128 ms  24.095 ms

7  69.106 ms  14.621 ms  57.842 ms

8  15.276 ms  11.483 ms  16.404 ms

9  13.588 ms  12.589 ms  7.976 ms