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linksys WGT54GL issues with bridged docsis3 modem?

Question asked by iss45 on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2015 by mdk

I just upgraded to bb 60 today from bb 25 using an older surfboard2 modem.I got home and called in for bridge and ive been having problems.



My setup:

Modem to switch

Switch to PC (so PC has own public IP address)

Switch to modem (so modem can feed all other devices in my network... also with its own IP)


When I connect my router  (WRT54GL) to the modem it does not connect. The lights stay orange. The tech I talked to on the phone said it was assigned an IP...  This modem was working 100% fine with my surfboard 2 modem. Friday I will try to update the firmware, but other then that, any suggestion? If I cannot get this to work, then I will need to go back to BB25....


edit: And of course if I connect only the router to the modem it will still fail. It's like the docsis cannot communicate with the router.