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TV went grey after slapping down remotes

Question asked by berniedick on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2015 by [shaw]jeff

I  have a DCX3510-M  HD Dual Tuner PVR and a Toshiba 32 inch flat screen. Shaw set it up in December.

I use the TV remote for on/off volume and the PVR remote for PVR channel selections, etc.


I was watch live TV this morning and slapped the 2 remotes down on the counter hard.  The TV picture went to grey fuzz and there was no sound.

I assume one of the buttons on one of the remotes changed / jumped to the next setting.


I thought it might be the channel the TV was set to.  It was set to channel 5.  I tried all single digit channels to no effect. Is back to channel 5 now.

What is the correct channel for this PVR?

The TV will display the channel I change to and the go to the menu screen.  So the remote has power and the TV screen works.


The PVR lights are on as normal.  I tried rebooting it (power down and power up).


I've tried various input buttons  - to no avail.


Please advise.  Thanks