GoT - Incorrect start/end times with recent recordings

Discussion created by gamerguy on Apr 12, 2015
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So I was all excited to re-acquire every episode of Game of Thrones from the beginning again with the recent re-airing but I am disappointed the show before ran long and now 1 episode is split between 2 recordings....on multiple episodes. Not a happy camper!


So far it was everything recorded on the 6th through to part of the 8th. (2 of 4) It appears everything record on the 9th is a minute in before GoT starts but that's fine. At least each episode is contained to 1 recording as they all should be.


Can you please pass along my disappointment to the guide people, HBO, or whoever is responsible. Now I am concerned the new season may follow this pattern so I set a second manual recording later that night just in case for each new episode. Hoping 1 of the 2 will contain the entire episode all in one should it happen. (Though I suspect it will be fine.)




Now back to "The Climb". (Well, most of it...seeing the last part of it is the beginning of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"...*grumble grumble*)