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Request for future update on 3510

Question asked by mistiblu on Apr 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by mistiblu

When I set a series recording in the 3510 for a new show, it will always only chooses the very first instance of an episode.  As new episodes often duplicate at different times on differ nt channels, I'd really like the ability to choose on which channel and at what time I want to record the series.

Often, a conflict will come up and it will not record that first instance and I then have to manually set a single recording for a later showing.  My old PVR gave me the option to choose which channel I wanted to record on instead of only having options for just "new episodes" or "all episodes" which will record all showings, new and old on all channels which gets a bit much!

For example:  Game of Thrones Sunday at 8pm is the first showing so this is the one it wants to record.  I have other shows recording at the same time so it wont record.  the episode repeats a few days later but it wont record this one.  I thus have to manually set a single recording.  If I forget, I'm out of luck!

This is one of my biggest beefs.  Please, please, please forward this to the right people!