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Can I use the Webmail 2.0 Filter to Create a Whitelist

Question asked by prjlnw on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by prjlnw

I would like to use filters to create a white-list so that only e-mail from approved senders (family, friends, authorized newsletters) goes to my in-box and everything else gets discarded.


I have been using the Spam button to flag malicious e-mails and the filters to Blacklist subjects, domains and content. This kept Spam in my in-box to a manageable volume. In the last month the volume of Spam to this address has escalated exponentially; about half gets through the Spam Settings and it's beyond my capacity to keep up my black list. (A friend's e-mail was compromised by a Trojan Virus at about the same time as this mess started so I suspect they may have unwittingly added my e-mail to the spammer database.)


I was going to cancel this e-mail address and set up a new one, but before I go to all the trouble of individually notifying everyone of a change of e-mail address, I thought I would try a white list.


My question is how best to do that? I'm a little fuzzy on my Boolean logic so I'm not sure if I would need to set up a specific filter for each person in my address book or a general filter and list everyone in my address book in the contents field (see example screen clip below) or a cascade of conditions - one for each address book entry.


Any tips or pointers would be appreciated