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DCX3510-M control issues

Question asked by dwhite2870 on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by shaw-tony

From time to time my PVR becomes very slow to respond to remote commands. Sometimes the issue corrects itself overnight. Sometimes a reboot gives the appearance of correcting the issue. While the PVR is unresponsive it continues to output the last selected channel and I have also noticed that timed recordings go on as usual. The issue is getting worse as time goes on. This issue only affects my PVR - other non PVR terminals work normally and my internet service seems just fine. However, I remain convinced the issue has something to do with my cable signal. I'm suspecting an issue with the return signal.


on many occasions a blue info box appears in upper right stating that network connection has been restored

when rebooting, sequence is normal until ch IP is displayed then halts showing no IP, sometimes for hours

I have checked the physical cable connectors through from the PVR to the service entrance, all are good

Question: does the PVR require a working connection to the provider in order to execute guide-related commands?