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Shaw PVR(HD BOX) replacement

Question asked by on Apr 25, 2015
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Hi..Shaw is coming tomorrow to check on my pvr(HD BOX) that is having problems.  They may be replacing it again (would be 4th time) and this means I will be losing the shows I have painstakingly recorded and kept.  I only keep the shows I love.  Is there no way to keep these recordings or transfer them to the new PVR(HD BOX) (if replaced)  If there isn't then I want to put it to Shaw to find a way to do this for their customers/PLEASE!

Because of this, I delayed having Shaw come out in case they have to replace the box.  Made for a very frustrating time.

Anyway, if there is a way to transfer these beloved recordings, then please let me know.

I will keep checking back to see if anyone has responded...have a good day

Thank you