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exchanging hd pvr for gateway and portals

Question asked by lp709 on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by shaw-colin

I called Shaw yesterday to make an equipment change for my TV service. I started a 24 month service agreement in February and subscribe to the large bundle for TV, internet, and phone. When I started the agreement I decided to go with the complimentary HD PVR. After looking more and more into the gateway system my family and I decided we would rather return the PVR and get the gateway with 2 portals. We do understand that there is an extra 10.00/month charge but we are ok with that. I was told by Shaw that I would have to pay some ridiculous $100 charge for changing the equipment. I have my service agreement and have read it completely and nowhere does it make mention of this. The agreement only states that I have to keep a minimum level of each service but nothing about equipment. Can someone from Shaw please look into this and let me know if we can make this switch. We have been enjoying our service with Shaw and believe we would enjoy it even more with the gateway system, thanks.