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Audio output options on DCX 3400 box

Question asked by jimjohn on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by [shaw]joel

I have a Motorola 3400 box and an RCA LDD TV (42LA55RS. I just bought a Bluetooth audio transmitter and a set of Bluetooth headphones.

I would like to get audio output to the TV speaker as well as to the headphones. But when I plug the adapter (or a wired set of headphones into the audio-out connection on the TV, it disables the TV speaker.


I have a degree of hearing loss in the high-frequency range and need the headphones to hear spoken content clearly. But when I watch the along with my wife, we need both outputs. My question is this: If plug the transmitter into an audio-out port on the back of the digital box, could I get audio with both the speakers and the Bluetooth headphones?


I'd much appreciate any assistance you could provide.