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CISCO DPC3825 file sharing, web hosting, splashtop not working

Question asked by maxdiaz on Jan 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by maxdiaz

I had my home network setup with shared directories, two apache servers, splashtop remote connection, etc using a 2wire router.


Just got the cisco modem/router, and now those things just seem to work randomly. For example, on Vista I can access a shared folder on a Win7 PC, but not the other way around. Splashtop detects a remote (well, local) computer but is unable to connect. Apache works on one computer but not on the other. I have fiddled with the settings to no avail. Obviously the setup of those things is up to the individual computers, but the router is interfering. Example; I try to access a local web server by accessing http://compaqXYZ, and this is somehow translated to, and then of course not found.


I just reconnected everything to the old router and it all works fine. Anyone experiencing similar problems? I have found some similar issues in the net, but no solutions... other than to get rid of the thing.