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New vs Repeat discrepancy.

Question asked by gamerguy on Jan 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by shaw-matt

I have Gold Rush set up as a series recording. I have (or had rather) it set to record new episodes only.


So I saw a commercial for Gold Rush on Monday stating "All new episode tomorrow...". I thought to myself, odd, I did not see it in 'Scheduled to record' section.


So I looked again, sure enough, no Gold Rush. So I use "See all times". Nothing scheduled to record at all, in the 10 episodes listed. (Only being 3 different episodes.)


Looking at Wikipedia, starting at Season 3 "part II", the first episode is "Leprechaun Gold", which is scheduled to record tonight using "Accept: Repeats" on my Gateway. The wiki says it originally aired on "January 4, 2013" why did I not get it then when my series recordings was set to record new content only? Why am I having to use repeats to record things that have never aired here?


This is not the first time this has happened and I have mentioned it (somewhere) before. I really don't want to have to micro-manage this, nor any other show. If a station advertises "new episodes", I expect my "Accept: First-run only" option should get that episode along with all other "new" episodes. I do not want to have to delete episodes I've seen just to make sure I get the ones I really want. "Accept: First-run only" works 99% of the time. There are just the odd shows from time to time that do this. Gold Rush being my only known example ATM. Though I'll have to take some time to make sure there are not other shows doing it that I have just forgotten about. (I thought Gold Rush was in hiatus do to holidays. Nope, just screwed up.)


Please fix.


Thank you.




Add "Bering Sea Gold" to the list.