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Shaw WiFi Kafka registration

Question asked by envirogeek on Jan 22, 2013
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Maybe I am just missing something obvious.


The Shaw go WiFi web page says that you can have Automatic device login by registering your mobile devices.


There is a pop up to check your Mobile device allowance against your Shaw Internet package.


Both the plan I was on, Extreme, and the plan Shaw stealth converted me to when I accepted a "free" PVR in a moment of weakness, High Speed 25, supposedly allow 6 devices. At least that is how I interpret "You can register to automatically connect 6 mobile devices to the Shaw Go WiFi Trial"


When I log into my account in the Shaw Customer Centre, then select Shaw Exo WiFi Trial I am told that I have added 3 of 3 devices. And the following text is shown below the list of MAC addresses I have previously connected from.


Your Shaw plan allows you to add a maximum of 3 devices.

If you have more devices that you would like to activate,

visit and upgrade your plan


Can I really add my devices in advance, or must I login to Shaw Open when I stumble across the access points out in the wild?