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My wish for future 3510 update

Question asked by mistiblu on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by shaw-matt

Coming from a person who has used older PVRs here is one of my biggest wishes for the 3510.


When I go to the menu then down to "movies" to see what is coming up, I really hate the bar with the pictures of upcoming movies and find it completely useless.  It might be somewhat useful to those with 20/20 vision or really big tv's but in its present incarnation, I cant see the pictures well enough on my 36 (or is it 38?) inch tv. (Or maybe I need to set up a telescope in front of my couch??)  LOL

The old pvr's used to bring up a WRITTEN list of all the movies (or whatever category you chose) that started at each time.  You could then click on each one for furture info and scroll to the right to go to the next start time.  It was a GREAT feature and much easier than flipping thru the guide looking for movies to watch or record or the terrible pictoral menu that you have now.which takes forever to scroll thru and provides no information other than the name unless you want to click on each one individually.

I think I brought this up last year when I first go the thing but a hopeful reminder never hurts!