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DCT2000 - Prevue Tan Guide

Question asked by 7825 on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by shaw-phil

Hello Shaw,


I had a DCT2000 activated yesterday by Shaw Tech support which probably had not been used in YEARS. When loading it still has the old Prevue Tan Guide. For most people who don't remember... this was the guide Shaw used prior to the summer of 2004! Since 2004 we have had the I-guide (the blue guide) on all the cable boxes.


Now what amazes me is it still works with the old guide. All the program listings load and other than not having any menu options the box works fine. It doesn't really bother me but at the same time I am curious... .does Shaw still use this guide on any boxes? Because its getting the guide data from somewhere. haha


Don't believe me? Here's some photos from yesterday. Oh Yeah... I should follow up.... I am not really looking for tech support to fix this.... Its more now I wanna see how long it will work like this and if it will auto update itself. I just wanted to share my findings with you