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DCX3510-M Advanced A/V Settings / Native Color Space

Question asked by elkgold on May 14, 2015
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Good Day,


Just upgraded from a DCX3400 to a DCX3510-M.


The new box works mostly great, with a few hiccups. The biggest issue is for us advanced A/V users - wishing to optimize our configuration.


The loss / blocking out of a "User" menu which allows advanced settings is extremely frustrating, when the box IS capable of such a thing. The basic video controls do allow for most users to be satisfied. However, I would love to see a few items added.


Native Mode - Allows the box to pass the original signal whether 720P or 1080i to the TV without the digital box having to process the signal first. This calls for less processing, and the un-needed upscale of certain sources. You get what you get. I feel this lends to a "better" picture.


Color Space - On the new box the default is set to RGB. All television signals are in the YCC format. The default for all Motorola / Arris boxes has always been YCC. Why did SHAW choose to lock the the wrong setting as default? RGB is usually only useful when running a computer / monitor setup. The box must then convert original signals from YCC -> RGB.. then your TV converts it back to YCC. Such a waste of processing.


Can SHAW control these options from the back-end? Is there any plan to allow the boxes full functionality to be used again? Did SHAW have troubles with certain users choosing the wrong settings too often?


Anyways, just wanted to lend some feedback.