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Shaw digital conversion sucks in so many ways

Question asked by djonesy on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2013 by craig.h

I'm extremely upset with Shaw. The digital conversion is unnecessary, costly for customers and a huge inconvenience for many that will result in increased energy use. There is no benefit at all to customers. Only an arrogant, completely out of touch company would force this on its customers.


To be able to continue receiving the service I pay Shaw a lot of money for, I have to buy a $78 box for each additional TV. These boxes need electricity to work, creating an ongoing cost to me and additional energy use that I and millions of others do not have today. This is expensive and bad for the environment. What kind of mindless, insensitive company does this in 2013?

No improvement in picture quality

I already have one HD box. It's attached to the downstairs TV and we rarely use it. Our main TV is upstairs, custom installed into the wall with no  visible wires. Looks beautiful and cost a fortune to do.


Now I'm told that I will need a SD box to be able to use my main TV upstairs. An HD box won't work without me incurring considerable additional expense to run a new HDMI cable behind the wall. The cable hidden in the wall behind my custom installed TV is a coxial one. And the only box Shaw provides with coxial out is standard definition.


So after spending $78 and incurring additional costs for electricity, I will get  no improvement in picture quality. I'd get better picture quality getting an OTA digital antenna at half the cost.


Inconvenient and Ugly

I don't like having devices and wires cluttering up my living space. That's why we spent the money to hide all the wiring for our TV upstairs. Now I have to find a place for a stupid box that will do nothing for me. Ugly device messing up my beautiful minimalist living room, same picture quality as before, increased energy use and I'm out  $78 before tax!


Why is this my problem?

Instead of requiring me to buy boxes for each outlet with a TV attached, why not install a single device at the point of entry to the house? You did this when we took your home phone service. Why not for digital TV? Or is that going to cost you money rather than us? Ah, I see. Screw the customers over and see if they complain.


Calling this an "upgrade" is an insult to your customers. There is no benefit to me at all, only extra cost, inconvenience and harm to our environment.


I have never been more upset with a company ever in my life before as I am over this.