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Question asked by donhere on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by shaw-tamara

I have had to replace my remote from Shaw, and have another remote from Rogers that bought the company in Hamilton . Well had to replace to remote, and for some reason , it won't control everything with one button as the Shaw remote did. I pushed the set up button on the remote , till it blinked twice as per instructions, and set the tv and the denon system, but , the only thing that does not work is the arris . I can not shut the unit down, , It just turns the tv off. I an not change channels with the remote, Is there a code number for the arris that I need to put in the remote? The same as I had to do for the tv, and the Denon receiver? I had pushed the one button on the Shaw remote, and everything came on. That's what I want to do. Is it possible to do this with this Rogers remote? I would just need the Arris code , and I should be ok I guess if I can't do the one button on the remote to turn everything on.


Thank you


Don Whalen