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Hitron CGNM User Guide?

Question asked by nmaclean on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by thunderstrike987

Is there a reason we can't access the User Guide?  When I do a google search on CGNM User Guide, I get results from torrent sites, but nothing from Hitron or Shaw.

Shaw's Hitron Guide provides only the most basic information. 

If I'm having problems (like I am now), I like to figure out the answer myself using available documentation, instead of waiting on the phone for service reps that make me try all the things I've already tried before admitting they'll have to get back to me (which is where I am now)., or posting to a forum where people will suggest all the things I've already tried (wasting their time and mine).  BUT perhaps the actual answer as well!!

But the question remains - why can't we have access to more detailed information about using this 'top-of-line' router than how to change a password?