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H550 Samsung Soundbar w Shaw Remote

Question asked by arpixron on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by shaw-brayden

i've looked for info on this, but its confusing at least.

specifically, what do i do to have my Gateway remote simply act as the volume control on my Samsung HW-H550 soundbar ?

i am using a Samsung UN55H7150 TV.

i can either connect the sounder to the TV using optical cable or bluetooth through their "sound connect" feature/app/setting.


currently, the Shaw remote works with the TV, eg turning it on/off, and the TV volume itself can up/down with the Shaw remote, but i'm forced to turn the volume on the TV down, and then use my Soundbar remote to turn the volume of the sounder up/down.


of course....i just want to use the volume on the Gateway remote.

i have read that i may need a different remote control from Shaw.

is that simply the case?


thx for your help....