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Closed Captions problem

Question asked by daddyhominum on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by shaw-matt

I have a Philips 32" smart tv(32pfl4908) purchased in September, 2013. Until some months ago, the set performed to specifications and expectations. Some time after the last software update, the set started to lose Closed captions on some channels but not all channels.

Closed captions are very important as I am hard of hearing and rely on them for correction of my sound losses.

Overtime, the set has lost CC on more channels. The first channel to go CC was either 87 or 52 some months ago. A phone call to Shaw introduced me to Pace settings for CC to use as back up.

Currently, channels 2,14,154,18,19,51,52,65 rely on Pace settings to present CC. Channels 4,35,47,87, and 140 have no CC by any means. I know that BBC on 35 and 140 has never provided CC, (which ought to knock them right off Canadian TV for that reason). On two occasions, the set overcame the problem and presented CC on 52 for a split second immediately on selection so I believe the CC is being read by the set but not presented.

Does anyone have a possible solution that will fix the set so it once again gives Closed Captioning?