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Is there an update for the Arris Gateway?

Question asked by sizzix on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by mark_vse

Our Arris Gateway is locking up and driving us crazy, is there a software update?


We had a lot of problems in the past and a tech even replaced the whole unit. At that time it seemed like the issue was the infrared remote and so he added an extension thing to improve the issue. It seemed a little better but basically the tech just suggested that we not click the buttons so fast, slow down and pause between commands. (very frustrating - my wife wants to throw the remote at my $3000 TV)


Since that time we have identified that the same remote operates our home theater amp volume with no issues at all. (works perfectly) So clearly it is not an infrared issue unless the Arris has some special reason for it to be related to it.


Basically we can make 3 or 4 commands before it stalls and then we have to wait for maybe 30 seconds before it will respond again. This is with regard to all types of commands.


And yes we have tried re-booting it on many occasions and it makes no difference.