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DCX 3400 +Missing  Dolby 5.1

Question asked by woomera on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by kevinds

I had a soundbar connected to the optical out of the 3400 but wasn't happy with the clarity of the dialogue , so on Monday I purchased a Sony HTIB as a replacement. I ran the HDMI to the input of the Sony as well as optical from the 3400 and connected the Sony to the TV with HDMI. AS FAR AS I REMEMBER Dolby 5.1 was displayed by the Sony on the screen when available.


On Wednesday , I disconnected the HDMI from the 3400 to connect to my Boxee ( I'm waiting on a second cable to arrive ) after powering everything down and restarting . I didn't remove the optical from the 3400 as I just wanted to see what I ended up with. After I'd finished , I reconnected the HDMI to the 3400 , but now , the Sony shows Dolby 2.0 when I select a channel with 5.1. I had not made any 'significant' changes to the audio settings of the Sony and I've since done a factory restore of the audio settings anyway , but I can't seem to get 5.1 any more ?


Are the ANY settings on the 3400 I can check ...would a factory reset of the 3400 do ( or harm anything..? ) I haven't changed any of the audio options on the 3400 and as far as I can see , there aren't any options on the Sony to select HDMI for audio as opposed to optical.