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Using Shaw webmail on an iPad

Question asked by kritiker on Jun 17, 2015
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I am using an iPad on the road to access my Shaw webmail and I seem to be forced to use an iPad interface (called Mobile View) rather than the full PC interface and I don't like it. I seem unable to do things that I want. Perhaps the functionality I want is there and I just cannot see it.


How can I get to the mail account Settings? I can see Preferences but they don't cover everything. I cannot turn on/off autoforwarding. I cannot specify the "reply to", etc.


How can I edit emails that I am forwarding? I can copy from the forwarded email but I cannot edit it prior to forwarding it. I seem to recall a similar problem some years ago with the previous webmail and I had to change some forwarding setting - but I cannot find those setting in the iPad interface.


How can I use the regular webmail interace on an iPad and not Mobile View?


Thanks for any help.





I tried to add tags to this posting but couldn't.


ALso, I have to press "shift" to get the first letter in a sentence on a new line capitilized but then the second letter is capitalized also. Is this a Safari/iPad/IOS artifact or related to the community. I haven't noticed it elsewhere. Also when continuing to type in the same paragraph I do not get the same doubled problem and sometimes the next word after a period is capitalized and sometimes it isn't. I have absoultely no idea what is going on.


so in this paragraph and thereafter i am not using the shift key at all. Let's see what develops. I am not capitalizing anything myself.


these results aren't consistent with the comments i made in the second paragraph.


oh, it seems that if i leave no blanks after punctuation.

i get this result and if i leave a blank after pucntuation.

I get this result.

ANd this result.

VEry Strange.


even stranger is that i have this problem here in the forum but when using webmail capitilazation happens properly, as one would expect - so this might be a commmunity problem after all.


ADdendm 2:


the mobile  view  for ipad seems broken too. In trying to compose a message it loses track of where the message is being edited and actually has positioned the cursor outside the message area - ugly!!!!!


and it seems that i cannot scroll the message without placing the cursor in it and having the keyboard appear - ugly!