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HD Guide - delete recently unsubscribed channels from guide/listings?

Question asked by bcb on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by bcb

I have a DCX3200P2-M and DCX3510-M, each with the new HD Guide. One of the nice things about the new Guide is that only the channels you subscribe to are shown in the listings.


However I've had these digital boxes for a few weeks now, and just a few days ago I changed programming subscriptions on my account, with net result that quite a few channels I was originally paying for I now no longer receive (as expected)


But I notice these old channels still appear in the Guide, and I can still manually punch in their channel numbers, or press CH+/CH- buttons to their location in the channel sequence. Of course, since I no longer pay for those channels no picture is received and an "authorization failed" message is shown. But I'd like to clean out these old channels from the guide listings. Otherwise one of the nicest features of the new guide becomes useless!


Shaw support said because the digital terminal buffers several days of guide data, these newly unsubscribed channels will still appear for at least a few days - I notice that power cycling the box doesn't delete the guide data so I guess it's stored locally in non-volatile memory.


There seems to be around 10-12 days of guide data already loaded in the box. but a few days have now passed since unsubscribing and I notice NEW guide data continues to be loaded for all channels including the unsubscribed ones. As each day passes another day's new data is loaded, so I'm not convinced simply waiting a couple weeks will fix the problem


Q: Is there a way to properly clear these unsubscribed channels from the memory? Will they really disappear on their own?


I worry about having to reset the box to factory settings to clear them, and possibly losing already-recorded programs