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Unfortunate route path to World of Tanks NA-West server X2

Question asked by lostmymarbles on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by lostmymarbles

I also have been having issues with the Routing path for World of Tanks NA west Server


ever since they came with a micro Patch on April 28th


which my ping pre was 35-40  now its 100+_ daily on NA west server


I am waiting back from a call from the CSR who escalated it to the Next level but that is about 3 weeks or more ago with no call back


here is my tracert  results so you can see what i am see as well


Plz help i cant play on NA West anymore which is where i live in Campbell RIver BC down the street from the main office here in Campbell river


I thank you for your Time in advance for help in this serious  issue


and yes world of tanks is awesome once the pings get fixed again




tracert US west server.png