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Aftermarket Expander for Arris Gateway

Question asked by trix8686 on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by gamerguy

I need help in identifying a hard drive that is compatible with the Arris Gateway, please.  I read through the earlier threads.  I even went out and bought the Vantec NexStar MX from Memory Express, with 2-3 TB Hard Drives.  I got everything connected, but I don't think the hard drives will work.  The system recognizes the SATA connection, but formatting fails.  I tried the same new setup with my old Motorola PVR (DCX-3400-M), same problem.  So I think the drives I b     ought from Memory Express, are not DVR certified, even though they are SATA.  Here's what I bought:


Western Digital 3.0TB Sata/64MB Cache - WD3003FZEX - 00Z4SA0


I also don't know if the mode I selected was part of the problem, so I tried JBOD and RAID, but neither took.


I thought I was getting the correct hard drives, so did my sales associate at Memory Express, even though it wasn't the same one as linked in the earlier thread.  When I spoke with Shaw customer service, they recommended the support site, so I hope you guys can direct me.


Thanks very much!