Not off to a good start

Discussion created by jmak on Jan 26, 2013
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So we decided to give Shaw a go. We had bell for 11 years, and are coming off our Telus experience. Well we are 8 days in on our service and I have no services running in my house. The first day after installation we did not get one of our TVs hooked up during the install, and the next day there was interference because the installer did not remove and disconnect all of the Telus hardware. That being said, I expect some form of adjustment so I didn't feel this to be a big deal.


So here I sit with no services, no phone, no internet, no tv. Now I am aware I owe on my first bill, which is contrary to my contract (Shaw is billing me two months instead of 1 month as per the contract agreement hmm?)


But I am asking myself, why is it I have not been contacted. I have not received any notice that my services were in jeopardy of being halted. I ask of the $104.00 I owe, and currently being cut off without services, and the fact that Shaw's initial hook up was sub par. Should I be now worried that all the Shaw horror stories are true.


Because I am disappointed in this outcome, we are 8 days into our service, and as a business person cannot imagine myself treating my customers this way. I would at least expect some form of communication to take place, because in reality its not an issue on our part, but having our services stopped without any notice is a big deal and certainly unprofessional customer service.


The only reason why I am able to relay my frustration is I am using my Hotspot (from another carrier we use). Oh and the fast speeds I am suppose to be getting are not so fast, and my little hotspot gadget at the moment is out performing my Shaw's internet speeds?


So our concern is if this is the type of "its our way or the high-way attitude" maybe my days of experimenting is over. Our 10 plus years with bell may grant another look back to the good old days!