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Question asked by discogeo on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by shaw-tamara

So I was bummed about the second price increase.  It's been a really tough 18 months financially, health-wise, etc in our home and the August 1st raise was just too much.


So called to cancel the phone and switch TV to lower my bill.  Talked to an awesome guy called Dave, from Shaw in Victoria.  We talked about why I needed to change, what I really wanted to keep and came up with a significantly better solution for what we actually need and what we wanted.


My advice.... you don't like the fee increase?


Call them up and talk to them but here's my suggestion.... before you call....

1. Determine what you NEED - do you NEED the phone line? What do you actually use? Cost of LD bundle vs LD minutes actually used

2. What channels do you actually watch? We all have a million of them but which ones do we actually love or want?

3. Take a look at the various packages and channel bundles, etc.  Familiarize yourself with them but even though I'd done this Dave was able to find me a cheaper package to get my beloved AMC that I didn't notice.


I understand costs go up - 2 raises in a year was definitely too much for us.

I understand a publicly listed company like Shaw has to make profits otherwise folk wouldn't invest in them but like so many others, our family has been hit hard these last couple of years with unexpected job/work/money/health issues and this second raise just was too much.