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BeIN Sports Channel

Question asked by svoloshin on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by shaw-shaun

Im a customer based out in Vancouver, and ill start by saying Ive put in a request in the Past for this channel, (did another today) and i know many others have as well. With GOLTV now dropping service at the end of August, and with Sportsnet World limited in its Soccer/Football offerings,  I'm desperately waiting for SHAW to catch up with Rogers Cable out east, who provide BeIN sports, which has amazing European Soccer Coverage.

Bell also have this, as well as your Shaw Direct. But you dont have this on your Cable package?? im considering dropping my account with shaw by August, to go to Bell, if i cannot get some sort of resolution here. Im pretty certain that I am not the only person out here on the west coast that feels this way. Shame that after such a successful Womens World Cup, that this company does not offer more access to quality Soccer.


Please, adopt this channel you already provide on your Direct package, and have it avaliable for your cable subscribers. Or is it the game to email spam the Channel request until you guys get titred of hearing from me? the lack of proper feedback isnt condusive of my trust in your company.