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Hitron CGNM-2250 NAT Moderate on Xbox Live! Nothing will make it OPEN!

Question asked by expendable on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by trinnyg

Hello Shaw Community,


I have spent the last 4 hours trouble shooting every single possible solution to try to get the NAT on the Hitron modem on Xbox Live and PSN. I followed everything single step given to me from the support pages. I could type out everything single thing I did but that would turn this into a 2000 word essay. THE only thing that worked was putting the Xbox One into DMZ but that is just not an option. I had the same sorta problem on the Arris modem but the NAT was STRICT and wouldnt move, at least the Hitron is MODERATE.


Xbox One NAT Error Forums


Am I stuck having to set the Hitron in bridge mode and getting my own router? If I bridge mode the Hitron can it be reserved if my own router doesn't solve the problem?

What can possibly be done now? I have tried everything everyone has suggested here and on google, nothing is working. Before I had the Cisco dpc3825, it was a crappy gateway but at least the NAT was always open.


Phone support offered no help, they again told me they do not offer help for this problem......funny how its a "Shaw" modem that's having the problem. Im at a complete lost. These newer modems for some reason have a lot of NAT problems all the time with consoles... I havent tried the Cisco 3848V yet but I think im going to switch and see.




(I should point out that the Xbox 360 works with no problems at all with the NAT. Hitron also for some reason labels my Xbox 360 Xbox One in the "Connected Devices"  as the host even though it has a different mac and IP assigned, heh. When they're both connected, 2 Xbox-Ones.)