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Unable to send email on iphone 6

Question asked by gymgirlkate on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by shaw-tamara

I have a new iphone 6 and IMAP email accounts.  I have FINALLY managed to get one account set up (using settings given to me by Shaw - totally different from what is shown online) and I can't seem to set up a second account.  I was originally unable to send any emails although receiving was fine across all my accounts.  Now I can send/receive on one account and it appears I can receive on another. 


The settings the Shaw employee gave me worked for about 48 hours and suddenly stopped working.  I have noticed that when i back out of the set up the Authentication tab where I choose "password" unchecks itself.  I go back in, recheck it and back out and it's there... Go off do something else and come back and it's gone again.  Anyone else out there having this issue?


So far Apple has been useless in the help department!  Shaw has suggested changing my accounts to pop accounts again but that means no carry over to my other devices (imac, macbook air, ipad).