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Requesting New Feature on Gateway

Question asked by burger2go on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by tc10

I would like to have the ability to offload all the recording setups currently on my Gateway.  Over time, I find that when a series goes on hiatus then starts up again, it does not necessarily start recording the series again so you have to find it in the guide (if you can) and reenter the recording setups (series, stop, start) whatever is there for that recording.   This is particularly useful in the event your recorder dies and you have to start again.


Right now, I get a message that says series 65 of 96 somewhere but 96 recordings setup - not likely?   I'm sure there are some that are no longer even being produced, but there is no way I am going to try and figure this all out with a remote one click up down right or left at a time.


I somehow think that thee are others out there as well who think that this would be a good feature to add to the gateway system.


The Ask then is this:


Provide a means to offload all recording setup data as a .CSV that can be downloaded to a PC or mobile device and then input to a spreadsheet program for analysis, maintenance and backup.

Data to include would be: program series name, channel, recording date (day and time), start stop times (and extended  times),  episode retention, program settings number ( that's the 65 in the 96 I mentioned above) and a count of the number of recordings set up.


If you think this is something useful as well, then please chime in in this thread.  If I missed any data you think should also be included, then mention that as well.


The more that support this discussion, the better the chance Shaw will incorporate the idea.


Thanks in advance for your input.