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Phone blocking issues

Question asked by bigscreenbob on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by shaw-matt

We have been getting 4-6 calls a night from telelmarketers or whatever you like to call them. All were computer generated hangups

but an awful inconvenience and a pain in the you know what. I had toyed with cancelling my home phone because of this and the fact my

Shaw bill goes up every 6 months for no increase in services but thats flogging a dead horse.

So I wrote the fluctuating phone numbers down and along with unavailable numbers went on your support site and entered them in

to be blocked. We had 2 nights of peace and quiet but now instead of them being totally blocked our phone rings once then nothing.

It is a couple of the numbers I blocked and unavailable numbers.

Now ringing once is better than ringing till we answer but still extremely annoying.

Is there a reason for the calls not getting totally blocked or is it just the way it works.

If the blocking thing works like its supposed to I will probably keep the shaw home phone but if we continue to get annoyed with

these darn calls at night between that and the ever rising shaw bill I will no doubt cancel my home phone.

If there is a way you can make my phone no ring that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance......