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2 External IPs to prevent DDoS?

Question asked by thematr1x on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2015 by corbin

Hi everyone, hopefully someone will be able to help me with this one.


In my home network I currently have a Hitron cgnm-2250 acting as a modem/router combo with an IP Passthrough option enabled for a 2nd router connected to it (ddwrt nighthawk x6 r8000). I already have the 2 external IPs showing for each device, but my issue is getting ddos'ed offline.


I have my computer that I stream off of connected directly to the Hitron, and my gaming consoles connected to my nighthawk. People are obtaining the external IP address assigned to the nighthawk router and are ddosing that IP. The external IP assigned to the Hitron is safe from being ddosed as the players only see the IP of the nighthawk. I have the QoS setting on the nighthawk so it can use a max of 25% of my total bandwidth, this is theoretically to prevent all the bandwidth being used when I am being ddosed.


So my question is why are these ddos attacks bringing down the entire network? Shouldn't these attacks only affect/bring down my nighthawk because the Hitron shouldn't be handling any of that traffic? I theoretically should have even bandwidth leftover for the Hitron to run the stream and other applications. My end goal is to only have the consoles knocked offline and the computer stay connected.


Any solutions to this? I would prefer not to use a VPN to prevent these ddos attacks as my speeds take a huge hit.