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Anyone Tried Hitron Wifi Router with Unblock Us?

Question asked by jcostello1975 on Jul 27, 2015
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I am just wondering if any Shaw customers have tried the latest Shaw wifi router with a third party service like Unblock Us. I am still using the Cisco router in spite of paying for a so called Advanced Wifi modem because Shaw took years to fix the Arris so that it could accept changes to its DNS settings (so could never use it) and now I cannot get a definitive answer from the techs about whether or not the Hitron is compatible with third party services. That's fine - I accept that Shaw does not consider that a function that they necessarily need to support, but I am curious if any customers know from experience if the Hitron will work with Unblock Us, etc. My Cisco is having issues which may be a real issue with the equipment or a matter of signal interference which I see a lot of Cisco users reporting on the forum. For now, I am planning to have Shaw give me a new Cisco and if issues persist, I'll use it in bridged mode and buy a good router. Anyway, if anyone has info on the Hitron and ability to change DNS settings, I would appreciate it.